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Company Name Availability Guidelines

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The Department has evolved the following guiding principles for deciding availability of names:

A name which falls within the categories mentioned below will not generally be made available:

1. If it is not in consonance with the principal objects of the company as set out in its memorandum of association. This does not necessarily mean that every name should be indicative of its objects. But when there is some indication of business in the name then it should be in conformity with its objects.


2. If the Company / Companies main business is finance unless the name is indicative of that particular      financial activities. Viz. Chit Funds /Investments / Loan, etc.

3. If it includes any word or words which are offensive to any section of the people.


4. If the proposed name is the exact Hindi translation of the name of an existing company in English especially an existing company with a reputation.


5. If the proposed name has a close phonetic resemblance to the name of the company in existence for example, J.K Industries Ltd., Jay Kay Industries Limited.


6. If the name is only a general one like Cotton Textile Mills Ltd., or Silk Manufacturing Ltd., and not specific like Calcutta Cotton Textiles Mills Limited or Lakshmi Silk Manufacturing Company Limited.


7. If it includes, the word “Co-operative”, Sahakari or the equivalent of word “Co-operative” in the regional languages of the country.


8. If it attracts the provisions of the Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act, 1950 as amended from time to time, i.e. use of improper names prohibited under this Act.


9 If the name closely resembles the existing Company name.

10 If the name is Identical / Similar to the existing Company Name


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