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VAT Registration in Chennai


1) Who are liable for Registration under Tamilnadu VAT?


             A) Those dealers whose turnover in respect of purchase and sales in the State is                   not less than 10 Lakhs for the year are to get registered under the TNVAT.


             B) The Other dealers whose turnover for a year is not less than Rs. 5 Lakhs shall                   get themselves registered.


             C) Casual Traders, agent of non-resident dealer and dealers in jewellery

                  irrespective of quantum of turnover shall obtain registration.


             D) Those dealers who intend to commence the business, on option, may obtain



2) What are the rates of tax under TNVAT?


             The rates are 1%, 4% and 12.5% on goods eligible for input tax credit. Apart from              the above , there are exempted sales & Zero rated sales.


3) What is the due date for filing returns?


             Every dealer who is liable to pay tax under this Act shall file return on or before              20th of the succeeding month to Assessing authority in whose jurisdiction the              principal place of business is located along with statement of purchases and sales              effected by him during the month in the Form specified in Rules. Every dealer              whose taxable turnover in the preceding year is Two hundred crores of rupees and              above shall file return on or before 12th of succeeding month along with statement              of purchases and sales effected by him during the month. The returns shall be filed              either electronically or by ICR forms. The returns so filed shall be accompanied              with proof of payment.



We provide the following services in respect of TNVAT :-



             1) Registration under VAT & CST

             2) Preparation and filing of Monthly VAT & CST Returns

             3) Yearly Assessment under the TNVAT & CST

             4) Obtaining C Forms & F Forms and other requisite forms



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